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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Surprise Sydney

I have been keeping a secret.

I have been keeping a secret from all but a few of my close friends and family, and trust me, it has not been easy.

Months ago, I decided to return to Australia for a particular event, I decided to not only return from Japan to attend the wedding of a couple of really awesome people, but before that to return for the Hen's Weekend. A wonderful trip away with a bunch of my best gal pals. On top of just returning for the excursion, I decided to have a little bit of fun with it, the Hen and all of the girls attending (barring the gorgeous Milf who is organising) are completely in the dark about my return. Everyone who does know of my intended presence have been ordered into strict radio, and more importantly Facebook, silence. I should be able to slip under the radar undetected.

What delicious fun this is.

I love surprises.


  1. So you are back now right? Offically? That date on the post is wrong - I stalk your blog daily and based on FB The Hens was on last weekend.

  2. The date on this post, for once, is not incorrect. Usually I end up posting things a little late because I don't always have internet access, but in this case 15th February was the last full day I spent in Japan... for this trip at least.

  3. No more vicariously living through you, sob. I look forward to catching up some time.

  4. There is still more to come, I promise.