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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Winter Feast: A Study in Three Parts

Part 1: Thursday
Hot Spiced Ginger Tea
- Gillespie's Ginger Beer

Nom Nom Plate
free range pulled pork, smoked beef brisket, home made chorizo, creamy mash, cabbage & bacon
- Mount Gnomon Farm

with dulce de leche
- Frank

Part 2: Friday

Baked Vacherin (gooey French cheese in a box)
sticky baby figs, walnut bread
- Truckle & Co

with woodfired sourdough & pickles
- Bruny Island Cheese

vanilla ice cream coated in hazelnut & chocolate
caramel & hazelnut torte
freeze dried raspberries & truffle salt
- Black Mountain Ice Cream

Part 3: Sunday
Banh Mi (Vietnamese bread roll)
with grilled pork pate, mayonaise, pork crackling, cucumber, carrot, corriander
- Chikko Cafe

3 Wats
with Injera (fermented flat bread), Mecheha (yoghurt & carrot):
* red lentil wat
* yellow split pea wat
* spicy lamb wat
- Adane's Ethopian

Petits Tart
salted caramel base, chocolate ganache & caramel mousse dome
- Macarons By Ruby

Wallaby San Choy Bow
with fermented chilli
- Rough Rice

Warm Persian Inspired Dessert
with crispy pastry, custard & caramelised cinnamon sugar
- Soufra

Bubble Waffle
with vanilla bean ice cream
with nutella chocolate sauce, fresh cream & berries coulis
- Chikko Cafe

Salted Caramel Hot Cider
- Coal Valley Cider

...jealous yet?

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Introducing The Gallery of Half Eaten Food: Winter Feast Edition

I could never be a food blogger.

There is one very simple reason for this. I love food.

Now most people would think this was a necessary trait in someone that blogs about food, They're wrong. It's actually not necessary. In fact, with some of the food blogs that I've read, the writers have a real contempt for food. They spend so much of their time photographing it and writing about it I think they run out of the energy required to really love it.

I do not share this fatal flaw. My improvement opportunity is that I love food so much, the absolutely last thing I am thinking about when faced with a fresh plate, juices juicing, aromas a roaming, is sharing. I just have to have at it as fast as humanly possible.

As such, my foodie pics are a little unique, and so, without further ado, I introduce the introductory issue:

The Gallery of Half Eaten Food: Winter Feast Edition

Just any other evening in Hobart