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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Concerning Housemates

The Shadow moved out the other day.

The Shadow was one of my housemates, a hearing-impaired young man with some serious hygiene issues. Due to the fact, that he didn't clean up after himself and never spoke, he didn't really make friends with the rest of us. It's a bit mean, but I don't think any of us are overly sorry he is gone. He left us three bags of rubbish as a going away present.

'Us' of course, is me and the other inhabitants of the three story rabbit warren, double Japanese townhouse that I live in now. The other occupants being Ink, CQ, Maniac Magnet, and the Lexicon, together we have become a pretty fun household.

I met Ink first, the day I inspected, the poor guy had not been warned that the property agent and I were coming, and was just stepping out of the bathroom in a towel as we were leaving. Good thing that neither of us are easy to embarrass. Ink's nickname is a double reference. Firstly to the totally awesome tattoos he is having completed all over his shoulder, and secondly to the fact that he is here in Japan on a cultural visa, studying and creating calligraphy.

The next day when I moved in I met Lex, also known as Geisha-boy, Lexicon is in pursuit of the cultural visa, like Ink has. He however refuses to define or limit his art to a single media. He is a pianist, a photographer, a cinematographer, a veritable self-titled Lexicon, and his stuff ain't bad. He has been dubbed Geisha-boy too, as Geisha are artists of many talents which refuse to be classified.

That evening whilst I was in the kitchen having dinner, I introduced myself to CQ, who accepted my offered beer and sat down, we immediately ended up in the biggest deep and meaningful. He's just like that.

Then there is the Maniac Magnet, who is the most recent addition to the house. He is always having girl-trouble, in fact that is the reason he is here in Japan, a colossal amount of girl-trouble, led him all the way from Brisbane to Osaka and beyond. He is forever whinging about it but secretly, he loves it. Mr MM has really been the one that has cemented us together, he dragged us all, except Lex out the other night for a truly tremendous night of beer, bravado and blowing shit up. This took the shape of dinner, followed by karaoke and letting off a whole lot of fireworks in the park, which are surprisingly not illegal in Japan.

So that is it, introductions over, I submit to you with the addition of Little Girl Lost, the players in the drama that is 'The Guch'.

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