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Monday, 5 July 2010

Totemo Momo - Very Peach

I spent hours in the supermarket today. You would not think something as simple as a supermarket would be able to capture my interest for so long, especially as usually my attention span resembles that of a gnat. However, I was captivated, enraptured with the ingredients available at this one. I have always been fascinated by ingredients that I do not know how to cook. I view them as a challenge, a battle to be fought and won against my own ignorance, and this supermarket had unknown ingredients in droves.

Types of mushrooms and fungi, I hadn't seen before, an entire aisle of stock base items I couldn't even read and some really fantastic looking seafood, including whole octopus tentacles. I can't wait til I stop somewhere where I have a kitchen. Ultimate fusion cooking, here I come.

Having no kitchen at present however led me to settle for some salad items and a peach. Now I had been warned about Japanese summer peaches. Actually I was told I had to have one no matter what the cost and at what converted to being almost $6AUD, it was not cheap, but worth every single yen.

Firstly, this thing was the size of a baseball and so juicy I could have stabbed it with a straw and sipped on it like a coconut. But the flavour, the flavour left the rest behind, biting into it, I ended up wearing most of the nectar as it exploded over me. It was almost like I had popped it, but it was so sweet and flavoursome that seeping juice all down my fingers seemed like a very small price to pay.


  1. I can spend hours in the supermarkets here looking at food....id be able to spend days in a foreign supermarket...I know how you feel!!

  2. I can't wait until I have a kitchen here - there are all of these mushroom and bracket fungi breeds - I have big plans for the ultimate risotto