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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Over Eyre

I am flying over the most amazing landscape right now.

A beautiful flat expanse of winding rivulets and deltas, the dust down there is becoming redder and redder the further west the flight takes me.

I woke early this morning, dumped the essentials in the Mini-turtle, and caught a cab to the airport. Take-off was to the east over the ocean, after which my plane curled out in a great arc around my city. The wings leveled out shortly and the plane strove on to the west. We flew over the chessboard of rural New South Wales, and past it to empty lands. The horizon is invisible, the land bleeds straight into the sky. I am now passing over what must be Lake Eyre, our Captain had promised that we would see it. It is so much larger than I would have imagined, and it swirls in pink and blue like handmade natural cake soap. It is the biggest salt lake in Australia and earns its title easily.

The Captain has also promised we will pass over the Rock, I should have my first glimpse shortly.

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