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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mobiles, Movies and My Size

My inner shop-aholic has been appeased, last Tuesday being armed with an array of awesome advice from friends and the Being a Broad forums, I went shopping. My aims were a mobile phone and some more shirts for work.

First stop was Softbank for the mobile, the dude that helped me out was amazing. I cannot sing his praises enough, his customer service was above and beyond, even changed the handset over to English for me and set up my email address, before I had even left the store. It was just so perfectly easy.

From there, I continued on to Namba Parks shopping centre, where I found 'Next'. Now, I'm not a really big girl, but generally speaking I do wear the upper sizes available in most chain stores in Australia and even with the kilos I have shed hiking round Japan, I'm still no where near what you would exactly call Japanese sized. As such, I have been having no luck what so ever finding clothes that would fit or suit me, that is, until there was 'Next'. It is an oasis, in the desert called Size 0, with a great range of business and casual clothes in my size, and at reasonable prices. How I managed to stay sane and only walk out with two tops I will never know. I left the store with my little internal retail therapy monster purring away.

Then, much to my delight, I discovered that Namba Parks has a cinema, so I whiled away the hours watching the new Angelina Jolie, which had the added bonus of only being subbed in Japanese and not dubbed, so it was still in English.

A perfectly simple end to a perfectly simple day.

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