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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Raining on the Rock

The cloud cover had really rolled in last night, which meant that despite my proximity to Uluru, it was completely invisible. There was absolutely no point in booking a tour for yesterday afternoon as the weather was growing steadily worse.

By the evening the rain was impressively torrential, as Forrest Gump would say, it was 'big ol' fat rain'. Not really feeling like getting completely drenched, I settled into the Outback Pioneer Hotel for the night. According to the driver of the airport shuttle it's the best place to be situated if you are after a nightlife, or common room or any of those travelling alone necessities. I decided to be social, and spent a rather jovial evening chatting to my fellow travellers, cooking my own crocodile kebabs, and dancing around like a twit to the one man cover band playing in the bar.

I wasn't the only one.

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