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Friday, 26 November 2010

Mama Cat Day

Isn't it great when plans turn out exactly as they should?

Mama Cat and I had had these plans for months. We had to, as we work together and we have to submit our schedules a month in advance.

The plan was simple, have a whole day just hanging out, and that, is exactly what we did.

It was awesome.

We started by having lunch at the burger joint of a mutual acquaintance. Which turned out to be the best burger I have had in Japan, and definitely one of the Top 5 burgers I have had in the entire world. Suffice it to say it was pretty good.

Mama Cat and I then headed to Shinsaibashi for a stroll before whiling away the rest of the afternoon hollering our lungs out at karaoke.

All in all, a fantastic day.

Thank you Mama Cat.

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