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Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Tale of the Random Rickshaw

So at the moment I'm living with this dude, not "living with" just living with, and he likes to walk around sometimes in different levels of semi-undress, so I call him Semi-Naked Guy (not to his face, just, you know, in my head).

Anyway, the other day, Semi-Naked Guy walks into the house and says "Hey, wanna come look at my rickshaw?". I'm thinking euphemism, but no, as I walk outside, there it is, a bright red rickshaw.

He'd hired it for his friends' wedding they were using it as the bridal vehicle and it was parked outside the house for a week.

The day of the wedding arrives, and he has the bright spark idea of getting the rickshaw to the wedding on the train, he gets to the station all right. He's set with his 2 tickets, one for him, one for the rickshaw, and gets all the way up the 40 odd stairs to the platform only to find that when the train arrives, his bright red rickshaw doesn't fit through the doors.

So S-NG and his mates end up hiring a trailer or something and manage to get the Bride to the alter on time, or at least only the usual amount of late for a Bride.

After the ceremony he's driving the bridal pair around for their photos and he turns the rickshaw, as he turns, he moves, the rickshaw moves, and the couple moves with it but one of those massive cartwheels on the side doesn't. The guests are all watching the situation in slow-motion, yelling out with one voice that real slow drawn out "NO!" that only ever happens in movies and bad sit-coms. Semi-Naked Guy realises just in time to not ruin the Brides day completely.

He spends the remainder of the day, riding around offering all the cute girls a ride on his rickshaw. Now how's that for a line?

"Ladies, want a ride on my rickshaw?"

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