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Friday, 21 October 2011

National Feel Your Boobs Day

Today is Pink Ribbon Day or a I like to call it National Feel Your Boobs Day, and to celebrate here is a giant pink ribbon made out of balloons in a fountain. The fountain in Martin Place to be exact.

Pink Ribbon Day for me is very personal, I have had multiple family members affected, and it always reminds me of how early detection and regular checking is of the utmost importance. As important as this is though, it doesn't need to be a chore, any time you have a free second you can have a Cheeky Check, or get your partner involved for a feel. Start off serious, get carried away, just make sure you do check.

Pink Ribbon Day also aims to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research. To support this great cause you can donate to a couple of different funds, who all raise money for research, but have slightly different plans of attack.

Firstly the National Breast Cancer Foundation focuses on funding research for prevention and a cure specifically for breast cancer, or the Cancer Council who raise funds to fight cancer in general, through research and education on preventative measures (and they're about boobs).

Then there's the Breast Cancer Network Australia which focuses more on creating support programs for those living with breast cancer, by providing those newly diagnosed with comprehensive information booklets and ongoing access to forums and support groups (and it's about boobs). On a similar vein, there is also Look Good Feel Better which provides makeover workshops to survivors who have been through chemotherapy.

The last one I'd like to mention, that you can donate to, is The McGrath Foundation, which raises money to place breast care nurses in communities all across Australia (and it's about boobs).

Now, these are all Australian, so please if you aren't from around here, I encourage you to seek out the like minded foundations in your country and support the eradication of this horrible disease, and at the same time just focus a little bit more on the boobs.

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