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Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Years Snow

After sleeping in and unsuccessfully running a few errands, I withstood the intoxicating smell of french fries, that was permeating the station entrance, and jumped straight on a train. I was bound for Kyoto, to spend New Years with a friend Just E, who I met one time whilst moonlighting at the Kyoto office of my company.

As the train barrelled towards its destination, careening towards the end of 2010, I noticed a slight white flurry in the air. At the first stop the doors clunked open, allowing the warmth to escape the carriage, to be replaced by a freshness, bite and electricity that can only mean one thing.


Sure enough, as the train hurtled on the few flakes that had been dancing in the air were joined by an entire troupe of frozen ballerinas floating their way delicately to the ground. Station after station, the snow began falling heavier and heavier. Until it reached the point where the flakes began to collect and blanket all the branches and roofs visible from the train.

So it was, when I met Just E, we started our New Years Eve trudging off through the snow in search of snacks and umeshu. Both of which we consequently found and devoured before setting out for the night.

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