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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Gion Matsuri

Yesterday I embarked on a super secret spy mission. Your mission should you choose to accept it, travel en route to rendezvous with M. Location: Kyoto station. The subject shall be arriving from Osaka. ETA: unknown. Cue ticking time-bomb and Mission Impossible theme music.

I met up with a family friend, who is also holiday in Japan at the moment, and yesterday after finally finding each other at the station, travelled to Gion, to see as much of the Gion Matsuri as was left for the day.

We ended up tracing much of the same route as I had the day before during the walking tour, but due to the festival, there was much more in the way of religious ceremonies and happenings going on. It was really fantastic to watch, at one stage there were a large number of men decked in white summer robes and toe boots, chanting and hoisting these large gold structures, I want to call them 'arc's' but that seems too much of a Christian word, in the air. I wish I was better educated in the meaning of the ceremony, as it was so very interesting.

The food stalls were all still around, we gorged ourselves on glorious beef skewers, seasoned to perfection with salt and pepper, seared on the flat grill, and super juicy ripe pineapple wedges.

When the heat and the people crush got the better of us, we retreated into a petite coffeehouse for a caffeine hit, and then back up the hill for a bit of shopping. M listening to me prattle on about my trip so far, and letting me show her the particular sights that I had discovered the previous day.

Later, at the train station we parted with plans to meet again today, and find accommodation together for the next week or so.

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