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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Good Morning Incheon

Greetings from the Hotel June in Incheon (just outside Seoul).

It would seem I have made it back to the northern hemisphere fairly adventure free, I am sorry to report. My flight was long, and boring with just a hint of turbulence. The food was great.

Landing; the only highlight, however was actually impressive, because it was uneventful. Not just because we were stopping into a country I have never been to before, but because of the visability. There was none. How the pilot managed, I have no idea, but I could not see the ground until we were about 100m from it. So the fact that touchdown was silky smooth was surprising, and a bit disappointing. I was hoping I could tell you all about my brush with death on the plane, but there was no brushing to be had.

After alighting from the plane I discovered that airports in Korea look pretty much the same as airports everywhere. Customs did not even do me the courtesy of searching me, damn my trustworthy good looks. I found the transfers desk for Asiana easily, and hopped a shuttle bus to Hotel June, where after a terrible complimentary dinner and a great nights sleep, you now find me, about to grab some breakie, and jump the shuttle back to the airport.

Onwards, to the Land of the Rising Sun.

P.S. Coolest thing - Blogspot automatically translates all its buttons to Korean over here, good thing I knew which buttons were which otherwise I would never have been able to post

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