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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Matching Luggage

Years ago, when I was walking through The Rocks in Sydney, I walked past one of the big label stores, I think it was Gucci. In the window, they had a large selection of monogrammed matched luggage sets, all looking just so, and very prim and proper. As part of one of the sets, it came with an optional trilby type hat in the same fabric as the luggage, so that in essence you could not only have matching luggage, but you had the option to 'match' your luggage.

In my best Queen's English, HRH impression, 'we are most exceedingly amused'.

The idea of this, matching your luggage has stuck with me every since. It is just so stylish and so tacky at the same time. I bask in the contradiction.

Over my trip, I have developed the need for a satchel that I can wear over the shoulder, and under the great weight of the turtlepack to keep some essential items within easy reach, a couple of days ago, I found the perfect one in one of the stores on my walking tour. Yesterday, M talked me into going back and getting the matching canvas trilby, using sun-protection as the justification.

My life is complete, I match my luggage.

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  1. Please find a matching flap-hat and my life will be complete too. =)