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Thursday, 9 September 2010

De'Loose-ness meets Turtlepack

On Sunday, after ticket delays and train delays on the shinkansen, I met up with Reckless Rufty for his first stop on the Tour de'Loose-ness. We met at Shin-Fuji Station in the hopes of appreciating the still elusive vista of Mount Fuji. Alas, once again I was foiled, having partially climbed the mountain I know I'm unable to say that I haven't seen it, but I still really haven't seen a view of the darn thing, and Sunday was no different. Once again the clouds were out and the mountain was hiding from me.

We chatted and laughed our way through lunch, Reckless making friends with the lady that served us, so much so that she gave us a good fortune cow when we went to leave. With the cow portrait in tow we headed back to the train station, and home to Osaka.

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