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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Rufty in Osaka

Monday was pain.

I was nursing the mother of all hangovers. Despite my one desire being to curl up in the shower base, in the foetal position, with only the cold running, I had Rufty in tow, so the order of the day was sight-seeing. I had promised to show him the sights of Osaka, and after inhaling a couple of cheeseburgers, I became a capable, if not somewhat surly tour guide.

We train-hopped our way to Osaka Castle, which afforded Rufty, an insight into the history of the area, an awesome view of the city, and the chance to dress up as a samurai. What more could a reckless Aussie tourist boy ask for?

We then walked around the gardens there, and I introduced him to takoyaki, these are barbecued balls of octopus pieces and batter, which I think are delicious, but that he was none to sure about. While on the subject of marine life we decided to visit the aquarium. It was just as amazing the second time, I don't think whale sharks are even able to become boring.

Still absolutely mesmerising.

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