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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Twisted Panties

"What is the grossest most perverted urban myth you have ever heard about Japanese guys?"

I was sitting on the balcony waiting for everyone to get ready to go out, when the question wafted over my left shoulder. It was followed shortly after, by a small package which sailed over my right shoulder and landed with a soft plastic-y crunch at my feet. I slowly inspected the projectile, it was a small, zip-lock bag containing baby pink fabric. The visible part was slightly ruched with elastic, and a hint of lace. The realisation of what I was seeing crashed over me, a grin erupted on my face.

"No way" I responded, still with slight disbelief, as there sitting at my feet were the fabled, used, school girls underwear, purchased by my dear friend Rufty, from a vending machine.


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