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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 2

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is playing in the background. Not just the song but what sounds like the whole album, and maybe more. If there is one thing I think the whole world can agree on, I think it's The Beatles. They're just so cruise-y, iconic and versatile. I really do believe they have a song for everyone. This is my solution to all the worlds ills, my contribution to the quest for world peace. Beatles songs. Beatles songs and Okinawan food. I have just been enjoying my own cute, personal, miniature, barbecue in a great little restaurant on the main drag. I grilled my own pork at the table accompanied by miso soup, side salad, and big bowl of fluffy white rice, I feel quite at peace with the world.

I have already done everything I had planned for the day, once again I have been setting myself easily completed tasks in order to increase my sense of achievement throughout my holiday.

Today my tasks were, to go for a swim, which I did first thing this morning, in fact both my cossie and hair are still slightly damp. Stroll down the main street and locate both the local markets and the tourist information centre. I found the markets first and spent a couple of hours poking about all the vibrant stalls, stopping whenever curiosity demanded so. Having exhausted the markets, I pulled out my map and found I was only a block away from the TIC, where I found a funny little old guy who gave me loads of great advice on where to go this week. I won't tell you what he said, it'll ruin the surprise. With that done, I had completed my whole itinerary, and it is only 2pm. Success.

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