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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Osamu Tezuka Museum

Yesterday, to celebrate my Japan-niversary, I went to the Osamu Tezuka Museum. A museum dedicated solely to the creator of Astro Boy. I was pretty excited to go when I heard about it, as I'm a big fan of his work after having seen an exhibition of his art at the Gallery of NSW in Sydney a couple of years ago. The exhibition in Sydney was spectacular as it was composed of a large selection of the artists original sketches and paintings. As such, I was expecting something similar from the museum. I was, I have to admit, a bit disappointed. It came across as being a touch too commercial, and did not contain much of his original work. I think maybe I might have appreciated it more if I had had children with me.

Having said that though, I did see a very charming short anime, by Osamu, which was dialogue free, allowing the pictures and score to tell the story beautifully. It was a simple boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy has magic chalk and creates a dream-like world saving himself from his own poverty and the girl from her own reality. You know how it goes.

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