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Friday, 9 October 2015

Built Bamboo

Once again Art & About Sydney is on. The other day I went to check it out as part of a Friday night hot date, but I gotta admit I was a disappointed.

With the art, not the date, the date was lovely.

Similar to previous years there is a collection of photos up in Hyde Park depicting a wide range of aspects of life in Sydney. The series whilst good, seems to lack a certain pizazz or edginess that it usually has.

In previous years there has also usually been a series of sculptures that requires you to traverse much of the city in order to see them all. It's often a bit kitsch, but really encourages people to walk about our brilliant city. It seems to be missing this year. The closest is Near Kin Kin, a sculptural building constructed of bamboo, but even this wooden tower lacks the impact of art gone by.

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