I am nomad. Hear me roar.


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Trip-trip Trippity-trip-trip

I'm having fun, I feel happy and the world has a nice rosy coloured hue.

I'm on drugs.

Now before you all get concerned and start the intervention, it's nothing illegal, I promise. The doctor just gave me some very nice pain medication yesterday, to help me be comfortable with my back injury, and frankly it's making me a little bit loopy, a damn bit dippy, a slight bit slippy sloopy even.

It's very enjoyable.

I am slightly concerned about the coherence of this post, however I am cheered by the thought that even though it is chemically induced, I have a big fat cheesy grin on my face for the first time this week. I'm sending out bodacious blessings to the beautiful bountiful ball that is the Earth in general, in a very 'do not operate heavy machinery' kind of way. I am focusing on emanating all my positive energy towards all of existence, but I just can't quite focus my eyes.

Have a joyous day everyone, only use as directed, and if bliss persists, soak up the side effects.


  1. No way! This stuff is great! I'm keeping it all to myself :D