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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Pottering 'cause it's Pouring

After immigration and a full days travelling yesterday, I must admit I have been defeated by the rain. It is a miserable day outside and today, I want none of it.

I did brave the cold and wet earlier to go get breakfast, but promptly curled up under my sumptuous blanket again afterwards for a nice healthy sleep in. My futon is just too fabulously inviting.

When I did surface, it was visit one of the onsen that are part of the ryokan in which I am staying, for a bit of a soak in the scalding water. Now washed, refreshed and relaxed, I am sitting in one of the common rooms, keyboard clacking, watching the steam billow out from the bathhouse where I was bathing only moments ago. My skin is still pink and puffy, my fingers still pruny from the experience.

There is a large coven of old ladies staying here at the moment, I can hear them cackling away in the next room, it smells like they are having lunch too. I will have to venture out for food soon myself.


  1. I think I took that train ride - Nagoya to Nagano via Matsumoto right? The river and forest was gorgeous.

  2. Sounds like the same one, the scenery was amazing especially at sunset when the bare trees were dyed red in the light but the snow capped ones stayed stark white. Absolutely beautiful, the film just didn't capture it thoough.

  3. Wow, what an amazing place! Either you have an awesome lens or you got up super close to the monkeys! So cool!!! Enjoy the rest of your time up there and stay warm!

  4. No awesome lens, or much in the way of zoom at all, was just actually that close. They walked within centimetres of me at times.