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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Letters to Anne

I am a firm believer in credit where credit is due, so today, I sent this;

To the owners & staff at Anne Hostel,

I was very fortunate to stay in your hostel earlier this year, and just wished to convey to you what a great hostel you have and what a great experience I had there.

Recently, I participated in a youth forum for a large hostel organisation in Australia, where I was part of a focus group being used to determine what areas were the most important for young travellers when looking for a hostel. They asked about some of our good experiences and what we thought makes a great hostel. I found myself telling them all about yours, about the warm, welcoming nature of your common room and the cleanliness of your other facilities. I explained that what made your hostel so great that was whilst, it was in a good location for sight-seeing, it was also a relaxing place to unwind and spend a day doing nothing, except catching up on emails, as long term travellers such as myself sometimes need to do.

During my stay, I also blogged about your hostel.

Mostly, I just wished to impress on you what a wonderful time I had in your hostel, and to encourage you to keep up the good work.

Thank you

Little Girl Lost

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