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Monday, 14 February 2011


The first time I came to Tokyo, I planned my trip and my accommodation and it was a disaster. This time I have learnt my lesson. I didn't plan a thing, to Diglett's great surprise when we met up, I hadn't even booked my hostel for that night. We proceeded to jump online and book the most suitable hostel still available. This strategy has led me to a cute little hostel called Anne.

Warren and I have been happily sitting in the common room all day, avoiding the rain, clacking away, and intermittently watching movies on the big screen. Generally just soaking up the chilled atmosphere here. It has been gloriously relaxing after the non-stop sight-seeing that was Sapporo, and the solid work and Shoebox cleaning before that.

Morning mealtime was manic, but merry. The whole hostel was almost full last night with a tour group, most of whom decided to consume their complimentary breakfast of tasty boiled eggs and toast, at the same time as I did. I helped myself to some food and retreated to a corner, to give the group room to do their thing, cheerfully munching on my eggs. The eggs were cooked in my favourite fashion, with the whites opaque and firm, but the yolk left in a bright gold half gooey, almost gelatinous, but not runny, state.

Just perfect.

Eventually, the group moved on, leaving the few of us not involved to enjoy the rest of our breakfast in peace, and for me to begin my day of overdue downtime.

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