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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Days End

I am sitting watching the sunset from the balcony of an ol' skool Japanese townhouse. Actually technically it is two townhouses bridged on the second level by a few wooden steps, not far from where I am sitting.

The breeze is very refreshing after the terminally hot weather that we have been bombarded with over the last month. I think Summer may finally be coming to a close. I can hear the murmur of one of my housemates on Skype in the other room, just the noise, not the words, but it is punctuated regularly with laughter. It is a comforting sound, one of the many things that is starting to make this house feel more like a home.

I have been working too hard, falling into old habits, not completely a bad thing, I do not need the money yet, but I may soon. Today is for relaxing though, tidying up and chilling out. I hear the traffic in the distance, people rushing, tomorrow will be for rushing again. Today is calm. The sky darkens. Moriguchi settles in for the night. Downstairs, there is a sign sitting on a ledge in the kitchen, that very fittingly reads, 'Welcome to the Guch'.

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