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Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Winning Hand

I was never without the Queen of Hearts, which is of course, 'Yours Truly'. She is always a strong start and a force to be reckoned with.

I had then been dealt the Ace and Ten of Spades, in the form of a job, with accommodation arranged, in a small town outside of Nara, teaching elementary and junior high kids. By all standards good cards, but not quite the best fit for our Queen.

The dealer then lays on the table the Ace of Hearts, a corporate job, teaching mostly businessmen but with some students and hobbyists, 40 minute English lessons, that will be flexible around my travel plans, and hands me the option of a sharehouse in Osaka, the Ten of Hearts.

Now here I have a choice, do I bank on the two pair, hoping that school children and small town life will be enough to keep me active for the duration of my trip, or do I gamble the lot, discard the Spades and pray that my gaijin 'Jack' card and King of a bank account are waiting for me in the deck. I did not leave my safe job, safe home and safe life in Australia, just to play safe now.

I remove the Spades from my hand, and wait, the heart in my chest as silent as those fanned between my fingers. The next card is dealt, Jack of Hearts, my alien registration card, I still could not sign my contracts without a bank account, it is still a worthless hand without the King. All my hearts begin to flutter as the last card is placed face down before me, all bets are in.

My bank account is taken out, it is the King.

Royal Flush.

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