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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Not quite polite

I would like to start today by dispelling an urban myth about Japan. The one that states that all Japanese people are polite. I have a slight correction, most Japanese people are polite.

In order to continue with my dissolution of this myth, I would like to firstly present to you, members of the jury, Exhibit A, if you would kindly look to your left you will see the gorgeous cartoon depiction of myself enrobed in what has become my usual travelling gear. You will notice the navy velour trackies, and cotton singlet for comfort, the Chinese dragon printed Hawaiian shirt for the dual effect of sun protection and sleeves to prevent the turtlepack from digging into my shoulders, and the newly acquired frolicking animals scroll print trilby which also provides added sun protection. I am aware this is a sexy look. What I did not know was how much scrutiny it would open me up to from front desk staff as I attempted to check in.

As I walked up to the reception area, I saw the clerks face drop from a serene smile, to a mask of distain. Not to be disheartened, I flashed a grin.
"I'd like to check in please, I have a reservation" I started sounding a bit tired, but pleasant.
"You? Have a reservation?" was the response I received, dripping with contempt, and believe me, I now know, contempt knows no language barrier. My smile discarded on the floor. I answered both her questions, as there is no punctuation error above, she had clearly asked me two questions.
"Yes me, I have a reservation"
The disdain switches to disbelief then surprise, as she asks for my name, finds it in the register and checks me in.
"BAM! Bitch, back in your box!" my thoughts cheer.

I might expect this kind of behaviour if I had been checking into the Ritz, but not some cheap 3 1/2 star dive, where the room smells of smoke, the toilet gurgles whenever someone next door flushes, and they do not offer room service. The pay TV only shows sport or porn, what does that say about their usual clientele, and she is judging me on the way I am dressed. I would have complained however, technically, she didn't actually say anything rude.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case, most Japanese people are polite.


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  2. General Squishy says; Warrior women show no fear

  3. "how rude!" (said in the tone of little michelle tanner from the american TV series Full House).