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Friday, 6 August 2010

Sweet Concrete

Having spent the last two days, doing some very necessary job-hunting, attending interviews and generally being all sorts of responsible, I required a bit of a break. Two days is tough stuff, people. Look, I'm easing back into it, okay?

For my hard earned vacation, I took a trip to Osaka Castle. Osaka Castle was originally, a defensively built structure comprising mostly of granite. It was not, very successfully defensively built however, as it was breached and almost completely destroyed. Twice. Now, it is still a very impressive beautiful building, but it is a mostly concrete reconstruction. The added benefit of this is, that it does have an elevator that ascends its 8 floors, which I'm sure, was not part of the original blueprints. The Castle also houses a museum dedicated to the wars that had been fought in the Osaka area, primarily being the Osaka Summer Campaign and the Osaka Winter Campaign. One can only assume due to the flowers blossoming, and the foliage changing, that Spring and Autumn are just too pretty to fight during.

One of the suits of armour on display, that would have made a fearsome sight on the battlefield, was covered almost completely in real black bear fur. It was a very interesting garment to behold, I still couldn't help but feel sorry for the bear though.

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