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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Farewell my Shoebox

Yesterday, in a strange, yet fitting symmetrical coincidence, I left my shoebox for the last time and travelled to Kobe, not unlike the day I moved in in the apartment, I found myself rushing out of the door hastily to meet a couple of friends of mine there. We were staying the night, as we had an early flight. Our destination, Sapporo.

Firstly however, we had a night of Kobe exploration ahead of us. Serendipitously, it was the last day of Chinese New Year, and Kobe is known for having a great Chinatown, which as we discovered was in the throws of the celebrations. We spent hours walking around the streets watching the delightful dragon dancing displays and chomping on Peking duck, dumplings and nikuman shaped like pandas and piggys.

Afterwards we took a stroll around the waterside, to view all the illuminated buildings there.

In the morning, Just E, Captain Ham (the traveller formerly known as Fritz) and I, bleary-eyed and not so bushy-tailed made our way to the airport to alight our plane to snowy Sapporo.

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