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Monday, 14 February 2011


Due to my own lack of organisation, I am again running free in true backpacker style.

Though this time, perhaps it is planned disorganisation, if that is even possible, as I have in this case left everything to the last minute, almost on purpose. I have three and a half days in Tokyo planned, and until this morning I did not even have my mode of transport booked. I guess I just wanted to see how this cookie crumbled, and what I would do under the circumstances. It is a test to a certain degree, and pure curiosity from another angle.

I've now booked the only train available to Tokyo tonight, it's an overnight train, and my ticket is unreserved, so I may or may not have a seat, I definitely don't have a bed. I could very well end up sleeping in the aisle with the Turtlepack as a pillow, but that, at this stage is half the fun. I'm a little bit excited at the prospect.

We shall see what the night, and afterwards Tokyo, will bring.

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