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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Adventure Arrival

As it turned out I didn't have to be too worried about finding our stop as the bus driver ushered us off pretty quick smart and onto yet another shuttle when it was time. This shuttle took us onwards to Patong Beach and promptly deposited us at the wrong hotel. Bear and I were exhausted, and I'm very sorry to say that at this point I was more than a little snappy, working on only weak directions from the concierge at the wrong hotel and a tourist map that Bear had the presence of mind to grab, we paused for a Big Mac, some air-conditioning and to gather our bearings. Fed and cooled, minds clear, our path ahead was much easier to find.

We head out again, on foot this time, in search of our friends, the other half of our urban family back home, the Newtown Boys. We trotted off down a hopeful looking driveway, when suddenly we heard the most glorious sound in the world, it was Bear's name yelled down from a balcony, it was over 12 hours after we had started out from Koh Samui, but we had arrived.

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