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Friday, 20 April 2012

Genuine Safari Tour

Today has been an almost perfect day.

In fact, I think today may go down as being the best day of the whole trip, all of the other days are going to have to really put on their game faces if they want to beat today. It really was something special.

We had been taking it really easy for the last day and a half. After I had established that I had managed to dodge the gastrointestinal bullet, there was an extensive amount of lazing in pools, strolling, eating, shopping and not a whole lot else, but that was just fine by us.

Today however, today was different.

It started out the same as yesterday with a couple of helpings of a very scrumptious breakfast buffet, we then sat and waited for our tour transport to arrive.

Suddenly, a great metal monstrosity masquerading itself as a 4WD bounces its way up the cobblestones, careens around the fountain, and reverses screeching and scraping onto the stone steps at our feet. This was our ride. Its name was Chitty Bang and this was going to be one hell of a tour.

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