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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Bright Lights of Singapore

We landed, late afternoon, in Singapore, and wound our way through the immaculate Changi Airport, exchanged our dollars, and were just about to sit down when a shuttle guy with a sign with my name on it found us. We jumped in the van and after a brief stop to pick up others at another terminal, we soon found ourselves on the streets of Singapore.

It's Bear's first time out of Australia and she was suitably wide-eyed and excited. I was in the usual state of passiveness that I reserve for soaking up the world.

We drove through about an hours worth of Singapore to get to our hostel, past wide expansive docks full of shipping vessels laden with containers, past forests of cranes in the process of building a new and better Singapore, past sea of steel and glass structures with sleek ergonomic curves, and a boat on top of a building. This last one is a wondrous hotel comprising of three sky-scrapers standing bolt upright like cricket wickets and a ship perched like the bails on the top.

We soon arrived at our hostel, dumped our stuff, and after a few quick directions from the dude at the desk we went out to explore and hunt for food.

This turned out to be exceptionally easy as their was a food court just down the road, exactly where the desk dude had said it would be, we did a quick circuit and settled on a couple of duck dishes, a seafood soup and some dumplings to share. All the food was delicious, but the duck, just simple barbecued duck on a bed of white rice, was absolutely delectable. We filled our bellies and went for a stroll to walk off the meal before we stumbled back to the hostel exhausted.

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