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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ticking Time Bomb

Holy mother of crap on a stick, Batman! I drank the water.

We had heard the warnings of course. Thailand is just one of those countries where the water from the taps cannot be trusted. So from the moment we stepped off the plane at Koh Samui airport this morning we had been so diligent, buying bottled water, only getting ice from reliable sources, little did I know that in a matter of hours all of my best efforts would have gone to waste.

I was having a shower, washing all of the travel-weary out of my hair, and despite being completely focused on keeping my lips pressed shut, I was starting to relax, slowly letting my mind wander. Letting my thoughts float back to 2 hours ago, when I walked straight up to the basin and brushed my teeth without thinking twice.


So now I sit here waiting. Waiting to explode.

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