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Friday, 20 April 2012

Safari Stop 1 - Grandfather & Grandmother Rocks

So we, Bear and me, along with 6 others are sitting on the death trap also known as Chitty Bang tearing our way through the streets of Koh Samui, when with little to no warning we swerve sharply and somehow end up neatly parked next to five other 4WD's with Genuine branding. Our driver and guide snaps at us to get out, this is our first stop, the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks.

Apparently the legend that accompanies these suggestively shaped rock formations is that an old couple were out boating, met with some foul weather and ended up shipwrecked on the beach. Inexplicably, only their genitals remained, hence the stones. Personally, I think it's all just a big excuse to have a giggle at the rocks that look like people's sexy parts, and let's face it, I'm definitely not too mature for that.

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