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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Phucked in Phuket

Sunday was a day of rest.

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Café, we lounged in the pool, we said goodbye to the boys and we flew back to Koh Samui in a heart-breaking 55 minutes. Heartbreaking, because it had taken us over 12 hours the day before to get to Phuket, but it was absolutely worth it.

Saturday had been the best party night any of us had had in a long time.

It started with dead flesh eating fish because the others were Doctor Fish virgins, then included a sumptuous Thai meal, the promised ping pong show with out the ping pong balls, and lots, and lots mojitos served by our awesome barkeep for the night, Sai. Sai was at this bar that looks like a cave with tigers in it and she was brilliant, she kept the drinks, water, and refreshing towels coming just as we needed them. If you're ever in town I recommend you go visit her, tell her I said "Hi" and "kob khun kha" for the fabulous evening.

Once we had drunk more than our fill, we stumbled back down to the beach, lit our lanterns, and went for a midnight swim. It just don't get no better than that.

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