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Friday, 31 December 2010

White Christmas

Christmas Day was manic.

Between early morning Skyping, a full day of work, and sneaking off to the break room after my lessons to call Oz, I was kept pretty busy. I had actually planned it this way, to ensure I didn't get homesick and spend the whole day moping, as I may have done if given the opportunity.

Instead I had a really fun day which ended at dinner with Diglett and his fiance, in a pizza joint near work. The pizza place, Slices in Ame-mura, in place of its usual menu was conjuring up gourmet masterpieces in the form of Christmas turkey dinners. The turkey was moist, tender and accompanied by stuffing, cranberry jelly, mashie tater, and a gravy-like sauce, which I later wiped clean off my plate with my dinner roll.


If this wasn't all perfect enough, it was followed majestically by a gorgeous piece of homemade apple-pie with cream.


Just as I was leaving the restaurant, happily sated with a nice round little turkey-filled belly, it began to snow. Just a light flurry, but just enough, to catch a few flakes on my tongue, and to grant this Aussie nomad her second ever white Christmas.

Absolutely magic.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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