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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Have a Very Merry KFC!

In Japan there is a rather strange phenomenon that occurs every Christmas.

Everyone eats fried chicken.

This is due to a particularly over zealous marketing campaign KFC has been running, that started in 1974 with a Christmas deal that included a bottle of wine. Since then, the idea of KFC being synonymous with Christmas has become solidified in the collective Japanese consciousness.

People all over Japan are queuing for miles today and most branches including my local have been advertising a pre-order service for months. In fact, if you happen to want KFC today, or even yesterday, you have to have ordered it weeks ago.

Yesterday, in an attempt to experience a truly Japanese Christmas, I did actually pick up a ridiculous amount of fried chicken for lunch, and proceeded to scoff the lot. I'm not sure if I felt very Christmas-y but I did feel a little sick, if that counts.

'Wishing you a Happy Xmas', from all the shopping centre signs near my work.

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  1. feeling sick from food is a VERY christmas thing to do....