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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Did I ever tell you about the time I saw the sun rise over The Rock?

I was up before the crack of dawn, this time to board a coach, destination, Uluru. Our first stop was one of the main viewing points, where we disembarked and strolled up to the deck to experience the sunrise. The viewing deck affords a clear view of the Rock, and already in the pre-dawn light the monolith had begun to smoulder.

Slowly but surely it began to redden, glowing brighter and brighter as the sun slowly rose behind us painting the eastern sky in a stunning array of pastels. The first true rays of the sun crept over the horizon, igniting the Rock and stoking it into an intense vermillion.

As the sun continued to rise, the embers of Uluru settled into the new day.


  1. beautiful account truly beautiful thanks

  2. Thanks - there are just some experiences that really stick with you, this was one of them.