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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Happy Belated Wandering Woman-niversary!

This month I forgot my own anniversary, terrible I know, but really, coming from someone who is capable of forgetting where they live, can you expect any better?

I have been rather unexcitingly engaged this month with some very unresponsive job hunting, and some on and off flirting with a fabulous flu bug type thing. It's been a very special time.

That was, until a couple days ago, when I received a call offering me a position in the beautiful Whitsundays, I start on Monday. I don't think the idea of it has hit me yet. I've been a bit numb about it all, but Sydney has been in the grips of some of it's coldest early May days in history and I'm going to go live on a tropical island, you've got to be excited about that, right?

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