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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


The first time I slipped was at about 6:30, I was walking into the drystore, hit a bit of wet floor and lost both feet straight out in front of me, dropping straight down and landing square on my butt, which of course made for a somewhat jarring but cushiony landing. If it didn't hurt so much it would have been hilarious. Actually it was the kind of fall where, if you see it you accidentally snort laughing first, then think "Oh wait, are they okay?", then feel really guilty for the fact that you are still laughing on the inside. Not so much fun from my end though. I hurt but I kept going, we were really busy, I was hoping that I was just bruised, and if I just ignored it, it'd go away. No such luck.

I slipped again at about 9am, this time with a nice fluid sideways motion, which would have scored me highly on the Australia's Funniest Home Videos scale, but did nothing for my back. In a really good amount of pain now, I kept working for as long as possible, but after an hour I conceded and went to visit the resort nurse.

Nurse Awesome, as she shall herein and forever after be known as, checked me out, and immediately sent me home with the explicit instructions of keeping my back straight and bed rest. She told me I had to visit her the next day, but I was not to walk there, I was told by my supervisor to call the Transit Desk for a lift.

So from there I was very kindly golf-buggied back to my room, to an afternoon of pain-killers, left-over breakfast buffet and lots of sleep.

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