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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Well, well, well

Afterwards, we began to make our way down to The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre, on the way down there I got talking to the CEO, who told me some really interesting stories about the site.

The bit that we were looking at was owned by a dude called Mr Cribb, he was a butcher, and well, well, well, did our dear butcher have some curious things down his well. Firstly he had a still, so our butcher was not only dealing in choice cuts, but also dealing in his own choice (and very illegal) home brew. True, this kind of behaviour is to be expected from a convict, working off his sentence, and his still-in-the-well side business was relatively harmless, his bigamy on the other hand, was a whole different kettle of fishwives.

Mr Cribb had a healthy and living Mrs Cribb, when he was convicted and shipped to his prime piece of real estate in The Rocks. This does not appear to have been enough for our dear butcher however, as after he arrived, and set up shop, he decided to take on yet another Mrs Cribb, and all was going well for him.

That was at least, until the first Mrs Cribb got wind of how well her hubby was doing down under, with his butchery, land ownership, and still-in-the-well side business, and decided to hop on a boat down to Sydney. Now, as Mr Cribb clearly couldn't coexist with two wives, as this is too much to ask of any man outside of Iowa, his wives did this kind of tag-team thing, where Wife #2 left on the same boat that the first Mrs Cribb arrived on.

It is believed though, that Wife #2 was none too happy about the situation, and most especially did not want the first Mrs Cribb being all comfortable in the house that she had set up. More specifically she did not want the first Mrs Cribb to be in possession of her best china, which was discovered many years later cast neatly down Mr Cribbs well.

Well, well, well.

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