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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

YHA Sydney Harbour

There's a dig site in Sydney at The Rocks, I'd been through it before years ago on a ghost tour. At the time they were constructing something above it at the time, I was told it was apartments and assumed that due to the pristine harbour view that they were likely to have that they would sell for some astronomical price, and therefore it was unlikely that I would ever set foot in them. I then had a little bit of a wistful dream on the subject, sighed, and thought of them no more.

That is, until last Friday, when I found myself walking over the preserved dig site, and into what is now the YHA Sydney Harbour Youth Hostel, and what a hostel it is. Firstly as I mentioned in my previous post (which was written on Saturday morning despite being dated today) the view from the terrace is stunning, but on Friday night we, myself and the other forum attendees, had the added bonus of our welcome drinks coinciding with the Lighting of the Sails for the Vivid festival. So, as we were having our getting to know you chats, which were surprisingly not as awkward as they usually are, the Opera House was being noticeably more spectacular than usual, being dressed, and caressed in projected lights.

After watching the light show, a selection of delicious pastas and salads were served for us, and the group continued to chat easily throughout the meal. Conversation flowed fluidly, I guess that's what happens when you put 7 people who have travel as one very serious common interest together. They all get along famously.

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