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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Waiting, I started this day by waiting, waiting to be golf-buggied from the Staff Village to go see the nurse as I needed another check-up before she recommended I see the doctor. I waited 3 hours.

Waiting again, I continued my day waiting, waiting for my back to stop hurting because I had walked the distance from the Staff Village to go visit Nurse Awesome, as due to a miscommunication no one had come to pick me up. I waited the rest of the day.

Waiting continued, I discovered that due to the lateness in the day that I did manage to get to Nurse Awesome, I was unable to get a boat to and from the mainland to see a doctor. I would be waiting til 9:40 the next morning.

Waiting just a little bit longer, after the complications of the day, the accommodation, the safety in the workplace and a million other reasons it would not do to mention, I walked up to HR. I was waiting about 10 minutes when I was able to see one of the girls and I give my notice.

I also at this point, much to my own embarrassment, burst into tears. It was just such a relief.

No more waiting.

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